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Comes from the movie Scarface, where Cubans pronounce the word "man" as "mayne".
You chicken almost made it.

Hey, hey, hey, FUCK YOU MAYNE...who put this thing together? Me, that's who.
by asd September 02, 2004
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Mayne: a word that is most frequently used by actor Terrance Howard
Wasup Mayne it’s me Iron Mayne.
Hey mayne you got my money mayne?

Have you heard Gucci Maynes new joint?
by My Neeg June 14, 2018
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Mayne is a Southern term used the same as sayin 'man.' Its in alot of Crunk Songs.
'Yea mayne' or 'What up mayne'
by Shae September 01, 2004
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'Mayne' is a better/ghetto term of saying man.

One- "Mayne, she was good last night!"
Two- "Oh mayne, you nearly ran me over!"
Three- "Sup mayne?"
by Sickbitch. May 09, 2011
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Regional pronunciation of the noun "man," often in the American South -- though it appears frequently in Chicago blues music, and particularly in the songs of Muddy Waters, where this pronunciation can be clearly heard.
I'm a mayne!
A full-grown mayne!
I'm a lovin' mayne!
-- Muddy Waters, "Mannish Boy"
by Mel Sharkskin June 08, 2006
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Mayne is NOT a synonym for man. It is southern dialect slang way to PRONOUNCE man. You won't see it spelled "mayne" by the people who talk that way... except maybe in written lyrics or dialogue (such as in fiction) or for emplasis. Other than that, why would anyone go to the trouble to write a word that's almost twice as long as the correct one and not as widely understood?
I could call you my main mayne and it might sound clever in a movie but makes no sense in print.
by Osun's Village June 08, 2006
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verb- to get so pissed when someone eats the last of your two dozen buffalo chicken kickers that you begin to sweat and come close to having a heart attack.
Scott-" What the fuck Brendan? You come in here all the time and mooch off of my shit"
Brendan- "Dude you know you weren't gonna eat that last kicker. You've got buffalo sauce all over your hands shirt and face. Wow dude you're turning red. I think you're starting to maynes.
by bunk dizzle January 31, 2005
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