short for "coxswain"-- which is a short and light person who attempts to motivate their rowers by telling them to not to focus on the pain but just make them 'proud'
Wow, that cox is really loud and unmotivating
by Loges June 29, 2006
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An american cable TV/Internet company, whose company name was probably created by some drunk with his hand in his pants.
Cox Communications, your friend in the digital age. rofl
by [c0x0r] December 11, 2004
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1. The modified spelling of 'cocks', used to avoid actual use of profanities.
2. A popular surname
1. You lot can be right cox sometimes.
by Coxy November 29, 2004
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cox= cock, hug, kiss. ie hug and kiss for your penis. A blowjob. Auto Correct offers it when you type xox
Kate: Miss you heaps cox
Kate: Fuck AC *xox

Mike: I'll take the cock hug and kiss, if you're offering
by _sarabellum_ June 5, 2011
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1. your mom is a cox.
2. i saw a cox walking in the airport carpark last night while eating ice cream i bought from macdonalds for $0.30.
by michael lok March 1, 2009
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One who ditches buddies for a piece of ass that's not worthy of sitting on a toilet seat.
Stop being a cox and come to the bar.
by Mussogreeney April 4, 2006
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1. to shoot down, reject (present progressive)

2. to blow (present progressive)
cameron: kate cox!!

marcos: aww man what a bitch

billy: kate cox!!

will: bitch please, get on your knees!

by bunnywinkwink July 10, 2008
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