Put the car up on a hoist and have a look yourself, that's the ticket.

Viagra is the ticket to better sex.

With condoms we found using a lubricant is the ticket.
by Jake March 26, 2004
an amazing phrase used by both Indiana Jones and Silent bob, (probably more) as an explanation for kicking the crap out of someone and then throwing them out of a moving vehicle (train/blimp)
Get him silent bob! (after severe silent bob asskicking) no ticket (holy shit silent bob talked!

No ticket (indiana jones needs no explanation)
by Alfred S. Sloop January 11, 2007
"Yo this joint cost me a ticket"
by Money February 22, 2005
Slang talk in prison for when you get a jail sentence/disciplinary report.
Zay: "Ay ya hear that Diego got a ticket?"
Don: "Yuh, he was bustin that cop the other day!"
by Awez June 5, 2018
code for buying cocaine, usually used over the phone.
"dude, you got a line on some tickets?"
"yeah, i got tickets. how many?"
by hkd September 16, 2006
A word used as code for talking about someting illegal (drugs or alcohol, if you are underaged) in public.
Guy 1: are we going to pregame before the basketball game.
Guy 2: hell yea I got some tickets in my car.
by Deshawn Thomas March 8, 2007