A person who gave Brit you or a person who would turn off the TV because you're playing Fortnite.
Me:Who wants to pls fortnite?
mom:(Turns off power)
Me: OMG, it's a mom!
by Volified July 25, 2018
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the woman who emotionally abused me my whole life.
Mom: "I'm the only person who could ever love you" "You're so unlovable"
by people are hot k bye December 11, 2020
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Word used to answer any question or exit any unwanted/unneeded conversation in a humorous way.
by Maplemafia September 30, 2015
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that bitch i didn't want to be here she got me here without consent. I can't believe her. Oh yeah shes that demon that gave you life
Her: Hey Mom

Me: Son of a bitch!
Mom: Actually it's daughter of a bitch
by n3xtp0int October 20, 2018
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A mom is somebody to spoil you, gives you money.

Moms are nice and caring and would do anything.
Besides moms sometimes makes us their slaves.
They at least give you food.
But in hentai moms have a different purpose
"I love my mom she feeds me!"
Ann: my mom loves me more than my dad!
by Hotmanass June 23, 2019
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The woman who doesn't stop loving you. She always is there for you, and will always be there for you. She has done everything you have asked, you wanted her to do, and she got up in the middle of the night, just to take care of you, to. Make sure to take care of your mom, and love her unconditionally, because you need to pay her back and she won't be here for very long. I love you mom.
Daughter: Mom, can I go somewhere with my friends!
Mom: No, sorry hunny.
Daughter: You are the worst mom ever!
Mom: Gosh, am i the worst mother in the world? I should go apologize
by oofergangoofergang October 30, 2019
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