A process in which arrogant recruiters deny themselves the benefits of many talented, capable, candidates due to an unfair screening process that in absolutely no way reflects the everyday job situation or assesses the skills required to succeed.
A talented person who had produced major growth in his previous company and had 5 years of experience in C# got a rejection after a job interview in which the recruiter said he was not skilled enough to do the job. This was because they asked questions on language concepts that are rarely used in C# and gave a brainteaser algorithm to code up in a 15 minute time limit without a compiler or computer.
by Boxcar Bob April 29, 2008
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What you tell your pothead friends when you don't feel like smoking anymore. Works every time.
Mike: Yo man lets go cop more bud.
Chris: Nah, man I'm about to be out I got a job interview in the morning.
Mike: Oh shit, I didn't know, good luck.
by asdnvcncn October 26, 2007
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a formal get-together between employer and employee to find out whether and to what extent the employee is willing to be exploited.
Huang: "i had a job interview yesterday. when the hr person asked about my life goals i said that i would love to spend an entire year or two with you in bed before getting ready to change the world"
Mindy: "hey! 🤗"
by Krkič December 9, 2019
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This is an occurrence similar to "man-scaping", but takes place before a long anticipated job interview for a job desperately needed. It is a level of preparedness that anticipates any and all scenarios including demeaning sexual acts.
Guy A: I can't wait for my second job interview at Red Lobster.

Guy B: Oh, you better clean up and wear your job interview pubes, cuz Nasty Nancy runs that shit and she likes her bartenders smooth....

Guy A: Oh.... Hey, can I crash at your place for a wh....

Guy B: Hell no! Shave that shit and tell her your single.
by Goblin Green June 8, 2017
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When an employer, quite often East Indian, accepts an applicant for a job interview by asking him to come in for a trial shift to see if he's worth hiring.
"Hey man, congrats on the new job!"
"Thanks, but I don't have the job yet, just an Indian job interview"
by Dave-Landon September 3, 2015
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