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- A pansexual woman who is homoromantic
- A homosexual woman who is panromantic
- A lesbian who is also attracted to feminine non-binary identities
Not a pan woman who prefers women
“Pan-Lesbians are not valid
“Yes they are, the split attraction model will tell you that”
by Whythisword July 01, 2021
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A type of harassment involving sexual overtones

- unwanted sexual grabbing or touching

- unwanted sexual comments
- repeating sexual actions despite “no” and “stop” being said multiple times
- exposing genitals without consent
- looking at genitals without consent
“This guy grabbed my tit at work and he didn’t even ask if he could touch me
“You should report them for sexual harassment
by Whythisword June 26, 2021
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The act of castrating someone and then displaying their genitalia in a pickle jar in the style of Rasputin
Commie: I rastraded the guy
Cappie: Why?
Commie: He wouldn't stop talking like he's Rasputin, so I treated him like Rasputin
by Whythisword November 05, 2019
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Someone whose temper is similar to their height
"God I hate being short"
"Don't be an angry smol now"
"I'm not an angry smol"
"You know every time you say that you get a little angrier and a little smaller"
by Whythisword March 06, 2021
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Going to keyboard
Antonyms: AFK
Me: I got to go AFK
Friend: When will you be GTK
Me: Like 5 minutes
by Whythisword June 02, 2020
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A parasitic plant that feeds off other plants to produce flowers
"This next one is called Broomrape"
"I'm serious"
"Broomrape, broomrape, Wikipedia? Broomrape"
"Naked broomrape"
by Whythisword February 14, 2021
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The absolute scum of the earth
According to Tumblr, they're all racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic.
God I hate Heterosexual Cisgendered Caucasian Males, they all are scum. I heard one justify the pink tax, by saying they're all different the other day. The dude is just a neckbeard MRA. Domestic Violence towards men doesn't exist, I hope they all die. Up with XX down with XY, the world has no use for these racist, anti-lgbt, misogynistic bellands.
Btw, if this entry offended you, just remember this is a joke. I don't think Cis Straight White Men are bad people.
by Whythisword October 16, 2020
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