It means in like a friendly type manner or sometimes they don't care about you and they add that to make you seem that they seem you're important even though they don't care
Familiarity is so good towards you
by Ima_rainbowfollowmeonig March 9, 2014
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A witches' animal counterpart. Pets who serve as a spiritual guide or assistant to witches or wiccans. Also similar to a totem.
I meditated with my familiar.
by pagangirl October 13, 2005
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A Blink/AVA "fan" who calls themselves "fans" yet bitch, moan, or complain about the band or any of its musical choices, sales, promotion tactics, appearances on modlife, or personal choices in life. These "fans" also never seem to branch out to the bands musical influences and usually band together in small groups of retards.
"Omg I cant wait to see my favorite band AVA!!!!!!"
"Angels and Airwaves are sell outs now"
"I dont like Blink 182, but I like Angels and Airwaves"
"I HATE ILAN RUBIN!" 10 minutes later "OMG ILAN RUBIN ROCKS!!!!"
"Tom should just leave Blink 182 and focus on AVA!!!!"
-The Familiars
by ThisIsHowIDrinkMyBourbon February 15, 2012
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A restaurant popular among a group of friends and/or family members. An eating establishment that is visited often.
Mom: hey I don't feel like cooking tonight. I'm going to just go pick up a 20 piecer from KFC.

Kids: Alright! Goin' with the familiarant! *jumping high five*
by Starshadow January 16, 2010
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A mortal being subserviant to a vampire, effectively in their control by a type of attraction or affection felt on a primal level. Since they are being controlled subliminally, some often seem to have a personal reason for their service to their lords. Can be man or animal, regarding the fact that control over a higher evolved mind requires a more powerful aura. The most talented of vampires have even been known to control lost souls caught between life and death.
"Remember that my eye is ever watchful as the gleam behind the those of my faithful familiars."
by Aaron March 15, 2005
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A human who works with vampires but it not actually turned, they are useful because they can walk in the daylight. They do the vampires' dirty work.
Blade fucking dominated that familiar with a shotgun.
by JFron January 13, 2005
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Sex with a friend, girlfriend, or someone you know (i.e. someone with whom you are 'familiar')

Opposite of strange
by PFW May 19, 2004
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