The comment Facebookers say when expressing their objection for something, purely because Facebook doesn't have a Dislike button.
Brad: This essay sucks.
-Jack: Yeah. Dislike.
by Jasian66x May 11, 2009
The nice way of saying you hate someone
I don't hate you, I dislike you!
by Family Guy rocks February 20, 2005
A have a dislikement for so-and-so.
by Anthony Mayfield February 20, 2006
Apparently, on Urban Dictionary, there is this algorithm that downvotes many of the posts here. Fake downvotes. Downvotes that are not from real users. That could only explain why there are so many dislikes compared to likes ...
Wow, this definition is so irrefutable, yet it has as many dislikes as likes.
by Joy Smith March 31, 2016
The asshole who dislikes a video with a few thousand likes. Usually involving music.
Guy 1: "Man, this video has like 1,000 likes...but some asshole disliked it"
Guy 2: "That asshole is such a disliker."
by onerd September 3, 2015