When you endorse something, you are applauding it for its success, or simply because you enjoyed that one thing. Or it can just mean you liked it.
On Nexus, a modding site, people endorse a mod because they enjoyed it or were very impressed with it.
by BluNekoKitty October 6, 2013
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A new euphemism for "paid actor". Commonly found on late night infomercials and programming on television stations with a high amount of senior citizens as its viewer base.
"Don't take our word for it, though! Ask compensated endorser Tom Kruze for his opinion!" "I was worried that trying Extenze was not only unhealthy, but completely pointless and fiscally irresponsible, but now, my schlort is still worth precisely nothing!"
by Aeiouza December 27, 2013
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On LinkedIn, you can add skills to others profiles by "endorsing them". Endorsing people for nonsensical skills — like "Fashion" for neck-beard computer programmers or "Ice Cream" for just about anyone — leads to hilarity for all.
Oh man, I spent some time endorsement bombing the shit outta Josh the other day. His mom is gonna flip when she see he's recommended for his Bondage skills.
by killa_dilla May 12, 2014
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n. Inability for the person to endorse a person because of an individuals status. Usually they are a controversial figure or diametrically opposed to the candidates views. It also entails picking the lesser of the evils and having an overall disdain for the institution of the government.

Ron Pauls support of Obama. He is a republican so he has to give him a Farrakhan Endorsement. Colin Powell saying he is "undecided" about who he will vote for. Sharpton saying "I realize I will hurt a candidate, so I wont endorse him."
by Peter Wilkins May 4, 2008
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Ass fucking in an intricate way that involves a skilled professional in order to do so.
Did you here that last night Nick totally was kendo endorsing Maddie?!! She's such a whore!
by Yoloswaggggg February 8, 2014
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the release by authority of sex wee most commonly in the face of a servile bint

especially whilst fawnicating with a prostitute or female of similar social status... possibly a girlfriend that will obey this special rule of spunking combat
GUY 1 'did you see your whore last night?'

GUY 2 'yeh, I covered her face with man cream'

GUY 1 'Dude that's pure cream endorsement'
by Hank G October 14, 2011
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