carl is a sweet guy, he has an amazing heart and is consistently trying to make you smile. carl is always genuine and caring, without a doubt a special someone. you can always talk to carl, rely on him and most importantly trust him. carl will try his best to give you every single bit of love you need, he's a good friend, boyfriend and everything you could ever imagine.

never lose him, he's so special and unique. most of all, he's a dork 💖
girl "Hi, Carl"
carl " hey, you're so amazing.. did I already tell you that today?"
by xoSHLox November 15, 2019
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When i first met Carl i did not have a clue about what i was getting into. Nor could i even imagine what feelings i was capable of. What started off as uncommitted fun flirty superficial playtime slowly turned into hard up and down angels and demons tragic beauty painful bliss. I won't go into detail but Carl surely had a huge impact on me and the way i see things.
Maybe i was too immature to appreciate him, too scared of getting hurt, too insecure, too too too
What i know now is that Carl was the best thing ever happened to me (along with my beautiful kids), the time was not right, our minds were not ripe, it made me refuse to ever say goodbye.
Carl, know that I value you immensely and will do so continuously whatever happens.
by Klung May 31, 2019
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A very sexy looking man who enjoys to party but he is also the kind of man who really listens and knows just what to say.
by BANANA_LORD78 December 21, 2019
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Generally holds all emotions internally. He tends to be selfish until he finds that right woman to live his life with then he gives his all to his wife and child(ren).

Very much in love with himself. Takes pride in his appearance and the appearance of who ever he is with at the time. Can be shallow when it comes to his women.

Very sex obsessed. Some call him a nymphomaniac. Great in the sac and knows it.
That Carl won't let anyone know what he's really feeling
by peacockgirl December 15, 2011
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A name for a killer llama. He doesn't mean to do it :0! DAMMIT CARL!!
Carl: "I do not kill people...that is my least favorite thing to do."
by Amerijew June 16, 2011
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Carl is our future, Carl is our Lord and Savior, Carl is all hope, Carl can cure world wide problems, Carl is the sexiest man alive, Carl is a Goddess
Person: Omg it’s Carl the best man Alive
Carl: I shall save you
by The one and only Carl April 16, 2020
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