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Carl is the type of guy that treats his girl like a princess Carl is a guy that is always loyal Carl is a man that struggles his way through life but always get through the obstacles that come in his way

He is very sweet and kind gentleman like and hands on
Carl is a wonderful guy
by Janetlkadey October 13, 2015
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Intelligent. Kinglike. A true gentleman. Loves the ladies. Usually handsome. Rock & roll is in his blood. Can be counted on in a crisis. Competitive, adventurous, and determined. Philosophical. Innovative. Opinionated. Loves excitement and travel.
There are many famous Carl's but they don't get the attention they deserve.
by knowsem February 08, 2010
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an all-around great guy, center of any social gathering, knows how to get on anyone's level and make a connection, compassionate, down to earth, intelligent, great lover, sexy, humble
"carl" is a guy that can't be ignored
by yourgirlinsc February 11, 2010
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Man of unparralled sexiness, hung like a donkey and a god in the sack. Can pull women in his sleep and is completely oblivious to his own sexiness and magnetic pull with women. Also very forgiving!
Wow, did you see that guy, he was beyond sexy!

Yeah he's a Carl for sure!
by Acorn010 September 11, 2008
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Man with limited ambition but always seems to land on his feet.

Great sense of humour but has an overbearing personality.
Pretty handy in the sack but selfish as a lover.
Seems generally happy with life but is internally depressed at all times.
Never grows up but can hold a mature conversation.
loves life but hates people an their f**ked up ways

generally confused but manages to hide it really well
"Dude that Carl guy...he's a little funny eh? Don't think I could live with him though!"
by hotbadger February 03, 2010
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A llama from FilmCow's videos "Llamas with Hats" and "Llamas with Hats 2" who tends to kill people and (in episode one) has a craving for hands.
Carllll. Why is there a dead human in our house?
by taconinja08 July 18, 2010
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A Unique individual of great taste. A Master Chef, a lover of the Arts. Ma ny Carls have aquired enormous amounts of secretive wealth this has been achieved through stealth and intense planning.

Carl will appear to be a ordinary person, but beware carl's can plan the invasion of a country, they are masterminds at planning the downfall of their enemys.

They like roast beef and a sleep in
Carl Scmidt - Mechanic.. Former Luftwaffe pilot
by captain-carl February 06, 2010
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