When something is cool. Basically just an Adj.
Boy 1: that DS is cool!

Boy 2: yeah its strait
by Rene Enrique September 22, 2006
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Old and rarely used word meaning narrow
or tight.

Also could mean "straight" (right).
Straitjackets are tight...

The bering strait's pretty hard to navigate.

Dam strait f00!
by Inafiscisis July 24, 2004
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something that you can say in public not referring to people but is gay.
Instead of "that shirt is so gay", you would say "that shirt is so strait.
by Juat August 27, 2007
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The guy that posted before I did has it allllll right.
George Strait is the King of Country and he rules the scene. If you turn on your local country station for an hour or two,it's hard NOT to hear one of his greatest hits.

all hail George! all hail George!

best songs include Amarillo By Morning,The Best Day,How About Them Cowgirls, and Carrying Your Love With Me.
George Strait is the most amazing country artist ever. And for being alittle old,he surely is rather attractive.
by esrurytdfhdfyi February 10, 2008
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A multi-award winning legend of country music, "King George" has more or less been the face of country music over the last 20 years.

With over 50 songs going #1, 62 million recordings sold, and 16 CMA Awards, the Texan was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

While country was turing pop in the 80s and 90s, with artists such as Garth Brooks dominating the scene, George Strait always managed to keep it old school and stayed true to his country roots. And he keeps putting out good stuff to this day! He just put out "It Just Comes Natural" and it kicks ass...can this man do any wrong?
My all-time favorite George Strait song is "Amarillo by Morning", hand down. It's not on his 50 Number Ones double CD, which is a damn shame.

God Bless King George, what else is there to say?
by Samuel Chase7 February 15, 2007
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When "You know it" or "Hell yeah" isn't enough.
Guy 1: Aren't you that crazy guy who jumped off the bridge?
Guy 2: Damn strait.
Guy 1: Nice...
by Blackpig January 14, 2010
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to be in serious shit !!!! to be fucked up !!!
you dumasses don't even know your own language !!! You're in Dire straits
by estranger October 6, 2010
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