more than "hot" or "hott"
the more "t"s the better
by typing w1th #'s1s 27up1d March 17, 2006
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sexy or sexay refers to a girl named holly
holly is very hottt.
by Matt May 18, 2004
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It means that the person you just saw is the most beautifull/handsome person you have seen in your life!
by Camerob April 24, 2017
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Acronym meaning "holding on to the thermometer"
It is HOTTT out today. That's HaWT!
by Matt Margolis August 25, 2004
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when something especially someone is very very hott. california term that got started at a major camp.
"He is sooo hott and his friend is so not."
by arwin December 17, 2004
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thirty plus chick with beautiful features
yo, your mom is middle age hottt she is a goddamn MILF.

yo, did you see miss robinson she is middle age hottt!
by spaniard & mandingo. August 17, 2011
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