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A blow job, usually received while in a workplace or similar setting.
My secretary gave me a Clinton during my lunch break, so I'm good for today.
by Tom Daddy Dollars October 01, 2004
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A unit of measurement used to represent rapes per capita of a country. Using current UN metrics, one Clinton is equivalent to one rape case per 100,000 population.
Due to current immigration policies, Sweden is now at 70 Clintons and has been steadily rising for more than a decade. This makes Sweden the third highest country in the world for rape cases.
by Trumpire February 22, 2017
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verb: to distort the semantics of a situation for desired result
My girlfriend was pissed at me for cheating, but I Clintoned the argument. I mean, "cheating" could mean "not cheating".
by samd12345 January 15, 2008
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To deny to an audience that you had sexual relations with a woman. This term is only used if the person is lying, replicating the words of Bill Clinton.
Steve: Yo Chris I heard you got head from Jen last night in the boy's locker room!

Brooke: Ew Chris thats disgusting!

Chris: No guys thats not true I did not get head from her!

Steve: Dude, everyone knows you got it. Stop pulling a Clinton.
by Agatster April 02, 2009
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Semen produced through engaging in oral sex.
1) Wipe that clinton off your chin.

2) Monica had clinton stains on her dress and had to send it to the cleaners.
by quaoar April 01, 2006
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(n) Town in central Massachusetts with the unique distinction of having the most bars per capita of any community in the United States.
"Hey, is Angie's in Clinton still in business? That's a great bar!"
by KazamaSmokers August 05, 2006
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