Female genitalia, particulary genitalia on an attractive female body.
Went to Trappers last night with Ryan and Jer and no kidding, we were knee deep in Mitt!

So Daryl, how was she man?
Let me tell ya buddy, she had a Mitt like velvet!
by nothingbuttrouble May 22, 2005
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an unusually large pussy,usually protruding through her pants
by bobbyt June 18, 2006
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Another word for a cunt or pussy. Typically has a sewage-like odor.
Her mom literally walked in as I was cumming in her tight mitt.
by MittDarter500 May 16, 2021
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Girls, generally in high school however older girls can be mitts, they believe they are perfect in every form of person. They cause shit and never understand why it is that drama seems to follow them. When they're wrong they'll generally resort to insulting the accuser instead of articulating their feeling towards them. When a mitt is asked about another mitt she will more then likely call that mitt an insult, varying from slut, bitch, whore, etc. All mitts are near the top of the popularity hierarchy; talk shit about their friends; brag about getting drunk or high whenever they're going to do it or have already done it; consider other people of higher intelligence or better morals to be a loser. Lastly most, if not all mitts, are generally considered attractive by the school body.
Brittney: OMG did you hear what Gene said about you?
Kristen: No, what?
Brittney: He said you were a fat loser!
Kristen: He said that?
Brittney: Yea! I know right!
Gene: I didn't say that Brittney, you fucking mitt, stop causing shit.
by TheManWithAPlanB September 14, 2010
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Slang term for female genitalia, particularly one on an attractive female.
Fuck... Byrnes and I went to Trappers last night and we were knee deep in Mitt!

So Minor, was she alright or what?
Let me tell ya, she had a Mitt like velvet!
by Ishouldknowbetter May 22, 2005
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One of the true God`s, namely one of the greatest human beings alive today, but possibly one of his mistake would be the fact that he created a nub. See "slayz"
"Even God`s make mistakes"
by :-) January 01, 2004
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When warranted, the mitt serves as an act of due reward, or deserved fate. Technically speaking, the mitt incurs a slap from bare hand to facial cheek. The mitt can be used as both retaliation and instigation. Public and private mitts connote varying degrees of severity (deficit).
"Ben really blew it last night. He was in the deficit, so I gave him the mitt of his life."

"I called this guy at 207-215-7195, and the next thing I knew, well... let's just leave it at that."
by Bernard 2.0 February 04, 2012
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