when a person doesn't want you or he/she is angry but cannot scream in front of you and yet gives out a gut churning cold ass passive-aggressive slow and in a really monotone voice and just says: just leave
me: hey CJ i'm really sorry about last night..you know i can make it up to you by-
CJ: just leave
by Dragnprnolover December 7, 2017
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A phase used to express extreme anguish and anger caused due to disturbed state of mind because of constant nabbing from a person in power. Commonly used to shut up a person who is continuously giving order to do something while you are doing it.
Mark: Kimi, so you have to break before the speed breaker
Kimi: Just leave me alone, I know what I am doing
by TheBlownDiffuser June 28, 2021
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Usually seen on boards such as 4chan where a person will post an image of something and leave 'I'm just going to leave this here' at the side as to start some kind of conversation regarding that said picture.

Said picture usually starts a lengthy debate and is usually a picture of quite random material.
OP: *Posts picture of 2 naked 18 year olds*
"I'm just going to leave this here..."
by b_eg January 30, 2012
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When you take a bong hit of half weed half tobacco and in a meditative way. Once you take the bong hit, it just leaves you there, hense why it is called a "just-leave-you-there". It would make sense if you had tried it. You need a resident amount of each marijuana and tobacco for this effect to make perfect sense. The instant of "just-leave-you-there" is the instant state of meditation/no-mind
A man takes the noted bong hit "Just-Leave-You-There" and it just leaves him there
by Gorin Silderman April 25, 2014
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