Deficit is the amount of something under the required amount.
She didn't blow me well enough and I fell short of ejaculating. The deficit was approximately ten sucks, and I went home with blue balls.
by Just_One_Random_Walnut February 25, 2016
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'Dude, this defecate deficit is still going strong- I've eaten a kilo of prunes and still no joy. The poor toilet is going to look like Hiroshima when it does finally come. Desperate times require desperate measures so I'm thinking I probably need to gouge it out with a long narrow implement. That reminds me, you should buy a new toothbrush..'
by Anonymous submissions January 4, 2017
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comedic bankruptcy,inability to either experience or create anything amusing
HD sufferer - you can say that again
normal person - oh can I - repeats what he has just said
HD sufferer - no response
normal person- i see you are suffering a humour deficit problem
HD sufferer- excuse me i do not understand
by Joel Plews October 27, 2007
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relating to having a brain deficiency. a brain deficit will usually be either very silly, stupid, idiotic or all of the above. shave a square into your son's head to prevent him from getting the brain deficiency. you can also wrap your newborn child's head in a cloth to make their head nice and round, bengali style. this prevents brain shrinkage. unfortunately, there will be some cases in which preventing a brain deficiency will be impossible, as some are just born without brains. these are known as brain deficits. there are no known cures to having a brain deficiency. maybe give your sorrows to the sadh guru or sumin idk
someone: haha Kai, you silly, stupid, idiotic and all of the above, you're such a brain deficit. you're not even a smooth brain because you suffer from an incurable brain deficiency.

Kai: Should I call my mum ??
by blublublubb March 12, 2021
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When the governing body of any type of business of government has less money than is needed by a rather substantial amount.
We have a budget deficit. Oh arse biscuits.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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the gap between revenues and expenditures for a government (over a given period of time); often referred to as an internal deficit or public deficit.
The public deficit accumulates over each time period (usually a year) into what is known as the public debt.

According to Keynesian and Neo-Keynesian economic theory, fiscal deficits are usually the most effective tool for stimulating economic activity; the actual choice of how the money is spent is less important.
In the USA, most states are not allowed to run fiscal deficits. In other federal republics, such as India and Argentina, they are allowed and frequently account for much of those countries' internal deficits.
by Abu Yahya February 15, 2009
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A friend who reduces the amount of sex you have
P. 1: "I've never really talked to Joe. What's he like?"
P. 2: "He's really annoying to get drunk with 'cause he's a friend with deficits"
by Finnagin Frost January 13, 2017
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