167 definitions by Robert

When you take a girls underwear drawer and throw all her panties around the room, thus looking like a war has taken place.
That fucking cock had panty wars in my room my underwear is all over the damn place.
by Robert October 3, 2003
A person who works too hard, even when they are meant to be on vacation.
by Robert January 19, 2004
an extreme version of "LOL" used in instant messaging.
LOL!!!!! that's funny stuff! busting up!!!
by Robert January 12, 2005
a flaming homosexual who thinks he can rap in NC
Can I have a phone call kahz?
by Robert December 5, 2003
Child pidgin (American English) A pejorative term used my my 3 year old toddler daughter to express disgust or dislike of a particular situation and/or person.
Apparently related to the classical bogeyman.
Mommy (or daddy, it varies) is a brig brog!
by Robert September 26, 2004
giving a hypocrital appearance of piety
if i was sanctimonious, i would probably give lectures about the 10 commandments, then go rob banks.
by Robert June 21, 2004
From the Greek phrase "peepeeus biggus fattus."
Classic use; "Socrates you can just eat my peepeeus biggus fattus."

Modern use; "Hey you get away before I whip out my big fat peepee and slap you."
by Robert June 30, 2004