167 definitions by Robert

World-famous, patented prostate massager capable of delivering the most intense, ecstatic orgasm known to man.
by Robert September 30, 2003
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A crappy anime with stupid chracters and bad music. whereas Card Captor Sakura is very good anime.
loser 1:Hey let's go watch Cardcaptors.
losor 2:After that we'll watch MTV and go support George Bush.
loser 1: yeah!
by Robert July 07, 2004
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That guy wanted a doggy bag for his ice-cream dessert, what a CheapBastid!
by Robert November 04, 2003
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ADSL - Short for Assymetrical Digital Subscriber Line. A type of internet faster than the usual Modem, but slightly slower than the Broadband.
Robert became very happy when they finally exchanged their 56K Modem with an ADSL connection.
by Robert September 18, 2004
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"...then he got stung by the entire swarm of bees. What a brainiac."
by Robert December 12, 2003
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Child pidgin (American English) A pejorative term used my my 3 year old toddler daughter to express disgust or dislike of a particular situation and/or person.
Apparently related to the classical bogeyman.
Mommy (or daddy, it varies) is a brig brog!
by Robert September 25, 2004
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"Don't bug me, I really need to concentrate!"
by Robert October 23, 2003
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