Jada- Hey Girl. I punched her right in her mf mitt
Myah- Damn Jay u wild
Jada- She always talking shit so it had to be done
Myah- Right Sis
by Qveen_.Jae February 2, 2017
"You got shit all over your mitt"
"That kid has mitt disease stage 10"
by phillyniggga October 19, 2014
When you and someone have a thing together. A unofficial couple that aren't dating yet but you know they are taken. Word commonly used as kiwi slang.
1. Aye all the Mitts should go hang out in town sometime
2. My mitt is such a cutie, I wonder when he'll ask me out

3. Damn have you seen Jacobs mitt, hottie alert
by yolomybrolo September 3, 2018
A girl who catches a lot of balls
denise is pretty slutty when she drinks... what a mitt
by prison mike February 14, 2012
(verb) To use short, crafted statements to justify or legitimize unpopular statements or actions. Usually used as a public relations or propaganda technique. See spin
1. My boss mitt me when he laid me off by telling me that it was to my benefit by opening up my opportunities elsewhere.

2.That politician mitt the protester who questioned him on his "corporations are people" statement by saying, "corporations are made up of people so they are people"
by Kanefire January 10, 2012
Another word for a cunt or pussy. Typically has a sewage-like odor.
Her mom literally walked in as I was cumming in her tight mitt.
by MittDarter500 May 17, 2021