When warranted, the mitt serves as an act of due reward, or deserved fate. Technically speaking, the mitt incurs a slap from bare hand to facial cheek. The mitt can be used as both retaliation and instigation. Public and private mitts connote varying degrees of severity (deficit).
"Ben really blew it last night. He was in the deficit, so I gave him the mitt of his life."

"I called this guy at 207-215-7195, and the next thing I knew, well... let's just leave it at that."
by Bernard 2.0 February 5, 2012
Jada- Hey Girl. I punched her right in her mf mitt
Myah- Damn Jay u wild
Jada- She always talking shit so it had to be done
Myah- Right Sis
by Qveen_.Jae February 2, 2017
"You got shit all over your mitt"
"That kid has mitt disease stage 10"
by phillyniggga October 19, 2014
refers to ones own hands
i had all i needed, gas can, razor wire, hack saw, and my mitts
by Humpleton Jarble September 18, 2005
A term used to describe a hot person. Derived from the saying "She's so hot you have to take her out with oven mitts." This term is reminiscent of old sayings like "the bee's knees" or "the cat's pajamas." Since its creation, it has been adapted to refer to anything that is very good or cool.
About a hot person:
Terrence: Did you see that smokin' hot girl freak dancing on me?
Nicholas: Yeah she was the mitts.

About anything:
Daniel: Dear God. Look at the size of that broadsword. I must have it.
Nicholas: Yeah, that thing is the mitts.
by Rich LeFevre March 3, 2009
When you and someone have a thing together. A unofficial couple that aren't dating yet but you know they are taken. Word commonly used as kiwi slang.
1. Aye all the Mitts should go hang out in town sometime
2. My mitt is such a cutie, I wonder when he'll ask me out

3. Damn have you seen Jacobs mitt, hottie alert
by yolomybrolo September 3, 2018
A girl who catches a lot of balls
denise is pretty slutty when she drinks... what a mitt
by prison mike February 14, 2012