a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authorities
A pyramid scheme is an example of a hierarchy.

In the work place, there is a boss as the head and certain levels of employees under him based on skill level and wage
by Petty Crimes January 16, 2014
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In the digital age we all have a multitude of options for communication. It can be inferred that there is a kind of "Contact Hierarchy" and "Contact Continuum" as not all modes hold the same weight with communication ranging from 1-10.

Hierarchy of contact in 2010 as defined by this contributor:

1. Face to face
2. Telephone
3. Personal Letter
5. Email
6. Personal message eg FB
7. Instant Message eg FB, MSN
8. Wall postings, comments
8. "Like," "Poke"
9. Nil contact.
10. Active blocking of contact.

Note: Higher order = increased responsiveness.

A more serious and/or important matter or message would attract a higher order of communication, with the top order being face to face. There are so many ways to communicate, the options are greater than ever before. But is all modes of communication the same, and attracting the same weight of force? Therefore there is a hierarchy. This may vary per user, but there is a hierarchy.
Hierarchy of Contact refers to how the more important the message or reason to communicate, or the person to communicate with, the higher in the order that communication would be. Conversely, less important is therefore lower.

Example, you really need to speak with someone about something serious, you want to face to face with them. If its not serious at all, you might make a posting on their social network wall.

At the end of the hierarchy is active blocking, where someone deliberately refuses any mode of contact.
by AlganonAU December 01, 2010
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The class system associated with the specific levels of nerd. The lower classes usually worship the higher classes, and ultimately the "highest nerd." The highest nerd is the "coolest" of the nerds in the eyes (behind their glasses of course) of the nerdier nerds.
Eric is at the TOP of the Nerd Heirchy, yo!
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
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When someone has lots of friends, they'll be a hierarchy going from bestie to last resort friend. The higher up you on the hierarchy the more events you'll be invited to secrets you'll be told.
Jess: Hey did Nat invite you to her birthday party?

Brenda: Nope, she told me I'm not high enough on the friend hierarchy. She's only inviting besties and close friends.

Brad: Shit did you hear Dan's engaged!
Carl:Yeah, can't believe he got his girlfriend pregnant!
Brad:Wait what?
Carl:Shit I wasn't supposed to tell you that, you're too low on the friend hierarchy.

Tim:Hey I heard you booked an escape room, can I come?
Kath: I'm sorry but there's very few spaces, only those at the top of the friend hierarchy are coming.

Tim: Ah ok, fair enough.
by mrperson123 August 25, 2017
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The social order in which any high school runs from top to bottom.

1. Jocks/Preps/Sufer dudes- Made up of the school sports players, cheerleaders, and any Hollister or Abercromie wearing preps.

2. The school clowns- Although they aren't in number ones status they associate with them on a daily basis, and keep the school in constant laughter and fit in with any clique.

3. The Multi-Taskers- These kids run everything from the school paper, to Home coming they're extremely social but run a tight shift. My hats off to them.

4. The Drama crew- These budding Romeos and Juliets spend countless hours acting, singing, dancing and writing allowing contact with other students with similar interest and tend to talk to people with similar interest.

5. The Anime/Goth group- Very closely related to the Drama Crew most still work in that group but after winning their independence they formed they're own group led by Anime loving Gothic kids.

6. Teachers Pets- Almost like the School Multi-Taskers but annoying as hell, and always trying to bring others down.

7. Computer Geeks/Nerds- The imfamous nerds and computer geeks have been at the bottom of the school hierachy since the dawn of time.

8. Newbies- Although at the bottom there is a 90% chance they wont stay there long' if they talk to the right people they could very well climb to the top in no time.
See Cliques, jocks, preps they all deal with School Hierarchy.
by Kayeman Laner March 18, 2006
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The fail rating system; All fails are bad but some require their own particular term. The heirarchy is as follows:
1. Fail - bad but survivable
2. Epic Fail - Worst fail most people acheive, should make you at least consider suicide and/or mass killings to hide your shame.
3. Jail Fail - Name says it all
4. Death Fail - only useable for darwin award nominees
Only dumb MFs don't properly apply the hierarchy of fail.
by SargeSmith April 27, 2008
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Best kind of breakup to worst and everything in between (best meaning most respectful)
In person
Over video chat
Over skype/phone call
Over IM
Over text
Over e-mail
Having a friend do it for you
Changing your facebook status to "single"
Girl: That asshole just broke up with me over e-mail!
Friend: Ouch. That's pretty low on the breakup hierarchy.
Girl: Yeah. But at least he didn't just change his fb status to "single."
Friend (checking her fb) WHAT THE FRACK???!!!
by elliebellie2323 October 07, 2011
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