A Slang Name for Michigan. So named because Michigan looks like a mitt you'd wear in a harsh Michigan Winter.
We're only in Kentucky? I can't wait to get back to The Mitt
by Denis Baldwin June 30, 2004
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Once you have used the restroom to defecate, you proceed to leave the facilities without washing your hands. (also known in Canada as "Shanz". )
Co worker 1: Hey, I just saw Mark coming out of the stall after throwing mud, and he didn't wash his hands before going to his office.

Co-worker 2: Oh no, I just shook Mark's hand.

Co-worker 1: :Damn, he just got you with his shit mitts.
by The Hankys January 08, 2013
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Soft, leather-like opening of the anus, located just below the snatch.
Vaginal intercourse was always fun, but Rob had always wanted Denise to offer up her snatcher's mitt to make things a little more interesting.
by Jelly belly November 22, 2014
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After using the restroom to relieve oneself this is a process of using an excessive amount of toilet paper and wrapping it around ones hand repeatedly so the end result resembles an oven mitt, usually performed by overweight persons having large rearends and requiring extra tissue paper than average sized individuals.
John clogged the toilet again because he uses the Oven Mitt method to wipe.
by jpg3 May 14, 2010
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A mitt muffler is another term for a tampon or maxi pad. The primary use of a mitt muffler is to dampen the sound of a vaginal queef (fart). Some women also like to use mitt mufflers to help obsorb bloody fluid's that tend to leak from the vaginal area once a month for upto 7 days depending on how much of a filthy snap the old gals got on her.
"Eh chief, I hear your old lady is rockin the old "Mitt muffler" this week. No offense to you or your family but how do you put your dick in that old axe wound on a regular basic chiefy? "
by Uncle ty October 29, 2014
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when a build up of chirps angers you. Simpy stat "Drop the mitts" and prepare to have a little tussle or showdown; This goes back to the olden days where in hockey people wore mitts instead of gloves.
Clark: Friggin' hoser has been chirping me all game and he's too afraid to drop the mitts
by the hoser June 02, 2011
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