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A girl that's there for you, even when you've been through some rough times. She's always laughing and smiling, which makes you do so also. Her mood almost always seems happy, even when she does have a temper. Beauty is Kristen, Kristen is Beauty. She may not believe it when she's looking at herself in a mirror, but you see it. People see it. Kind at heart, humorous, and a mind "in the gutters." There's really too much to explain about this wonderful girl. An amazing friend. An amazing person.
I love you, Kristen! (Krissy c:)
by ThisGirlYouKnowc: March 11, 2013
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Kristen is an outgoing, adventurous girl who loves a good thrill! Sometimes Kristen may have difficulty expressing her innermost feelings, but that is simply because she is afraid of being judged. She is athletic, inteligent, energetic, and loves to make people laugh. Also, she is absolutely accident prone. Kind-hearted and brave-faced, any man would be lucky to have Kristen as his one and only.
I love my Kristen.
by horselover12 April 29, 2011
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A very special and unique woman. Everyone notices her exterior beauty, but the inner beauty unseen by many is even better! She is smart, caring, artistic, daring...just an all-around great lady! If you find a Kristen, make sure to hold on tight and don't let go because they are truly one of a kind!
Random Dude: Hi Kristen! You are beautiful spiritually, sexually and intellectually. Wanna go have some fun???

Kristen: Oh, ur such a perv, but I love ya anyway!
by opks1234 September 21, 2011
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A really wonderful girl. If you were dumped or rejected, will instantly make you forget the person who dumped you. Stunningly beautiful, amazing eyes, moves fast, but is not a skank. After being around her for only a few days you will feel as though you have known her all your life. Loves music, has amazing taste in music and can play a lot of instruments. She will bring you back to life even when you are as far away as you think you can be. She will show you the light when you are in complete darkness. She will be the wind beneath your wings. You will wake up every day, solely motivated to see her, she will make you fall in love with her. A Kristen is the perfect girl.
Guy one: Yo man, I think I am in love with this girl,
Guy two: Easy, it`s only been a few days.
Guy one: I know, but she`s a Kristen.
Guy two: Lucky Bastard.
by pjl7 March 22, 2012
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Truly the most gorgeous girl to ever bless the world. Can keep up a conversation, and doesn't act like a ditzy idiot. Kristen is someone you can fall in love with.
Jeff: My girlfriend is a dog.
Andrew: My girlfriend is Kristen, and I will never let go of her.
by PrimoThePro October 23, 2010
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The girl who makes you want to be a better man. Shes incredibly smart, funny, and stunningly beautiful. You are often thankful for every second that she is a part of your life and lament the times that you arent talking to her because with her every second is like being in heaven.Often a girl with spunk that other girls fear.Hates drama usually and normally doesnt do well with guys who cheat.Loves to go out an party. Never doubt her cause shes always changing and you dont ever truely know what shes thinking.
by AR23 January 13, 2010
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A GODDESS in disguise- a girl so incredibly beautiful and perfect in every possible way. She is the only girl I have ever truely loved and will love for a very long time. But her love is not returned, resulting in great heartache for my pathetic self.

I love her SO MUCH. I can't wait till that long awaited day where love can finally be mutual.
by bren97122 May 01, 2012
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