You better get back home to the missus.I think she is worried about you.
by Toa Pohatu April 5, 2017
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The woman upon whom a guy is whipped upon. Dating, married or not.
Jimbo: don't dog the boys for the missus
Mikey: she's not my missus boys
by BanterMemeKing May 18, 2017
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Word used on the internet, meaning his/your girlfriend. Used when you know each other better than a first-time date.
My missus is so hetal.
by BangUrMissus August 13, 2015
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Your Missus can be either your Girl-friend/Wife
usually girl-friend belonging to a teenaged or a guy in his early 20's
Rongo: "I seen you gettin' jiggy wit your missus!"
Jack: "Fuck, leave my missus outta this, au."
by Kiwi-Babe September 15, 2005
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When a man has MULTIPLE mommy issues or more than one mommy issue and wants a woman to take care of him like his mother did when he was a boy; so he never has to grow up and be responsible. Sometimes known as Peter Pan Syndrome because they never grow up.
Example of men with “missues” :

Men whose mothers were there but were cruel or mean to them growing up that feel as though they were robbed or cheated out of their childhood. They are then constantly searching for a “replacement mother” or “mommy” to correct the behavior they feel was inappropriate by their birth mother.

A man who was abandoned AND ignored by their birth mother, which causes them to have attachment issues and use women; never committing to just one woman.

A “lazy” or “unmotivated” male that allows a woman to assume full responsibility for ANY and ALL required marital duties.
Poor Joe, he has missues! I hope he gets help! His wife finally got sick of it and left his lazy ass!

Girl 1: Kristoff thinks he can just sit home while his wife Janet works full time. She even does all the cooking, cleaning, yard work etc. he doesn’t even shovel the driveway for her!

Girl 2: Yeah well she does it because she loves him & let’s be honest he lets her ...because Kristoff has MISSUES! Multiple volumes! Otherwise he’d man up!
by WickedHellamean November 9, 2018
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australian, n.z., n; wife. the handbrake. ( see )
I took the missus down the pub last night.
by herbie August 25, 2004
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