50 definitions by Toa Pohatu

Something you're doing,and it is a success in the future.
If you continue on practicing,it will totally pay off.There is a saying,,,Practice makes perfect''
by Toa Pohatu March 28, 2017
Meaning that to be 100% sure of something or someone.It can used as ,,I bet my bottom dolar''
I bet my bottom dollar that the hidden video game that my mom confessed ,is in there,inside the wardrobe
by Toa Pohatu March 3, 2017
Bit the ,,hell'' out of someone.
I used to bit the dickens out of my brothers when we where kids,when I became angry at him.
by Toa Pohatu February 3, 2017
1.To place something,where nobody can find it.

2.To put something in the wrong position.
1.I have misplaced the remote control,and cannot find it.

2.No,no,no,you've misplaced the sheet.
by Toa Pohatu February 3, 2017
1.To bear something or someone.

2.To follow rules.
1.Sometimes my father can be unpredictable,a tiking time boom.I can barely abide him.

2.My brother never abides the rules from the house.
by Toa Pohatu March 5, 2017
Being drained of energy physically and emotionally.
All that hard work frazzled me.
by Toa Pohatu April 7, 2017
Something that is real,not fake,part in real life.
Most thing can be legit,even picture,cars,in movies.
by Toa Pohatu February 2, 2017