A horse shoe shaped mustache. Must be neither patchy, nor overly kempt.
"I know all the ladies will think I'm studly when I grow a Jimbo."
by Mabsypop May 8, 2017
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Jimbo is a name given to a dog who is a bit fat and lazy. But don’t underestimate them, because when Jimbo’s feel threatened there reaction time and speed can reach levels beyond human comprehension
Adam: yo that dog needs to lose weight, all he does is sleep all day

Conor: nah that dog is a jimbo I wouldn’t underestimate him.
by Hello There 66 June 28, 2020
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If your username is Jimbo, you're epic as fuck.
Woah-oh, a Jimbo! They must be epic!
by GoblinPotato March 5, 2021
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Used to describe anyone who thinks they can effectively manage the government just because they have a blue-collar job or run a small business.
"Your plumbing business is failing so you're running for Congress? Go get 'em, Jimbo!"
by Hairy Melvin May 25, 2012
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Jimbo is a man unparalleled in greatness. He is both staunchly conservative and intent on dispelling the common misperception and obvious confusion about global warming, or the lack there of. Jimbo enjoys the finer things in life, such as taming wild horses and riding them, and involving himself in political discussions. Jimbo is perfect in almost every aspect of life, but he is comically immature physically in the groin area. However, Jimbo still enjoys wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and a smile wherever he goes.
Jimbo, would you put some clothes on!

Jimbo, may I borrow your cowboy hat?

Wo ist Jimbo?
by Sven the Katze January 22, 2008
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An abbreviated basketball term that means to shoot a jump-shot, best used to describe a shot after a smooth series of moves where the player actually made the shot.
That cupcake got some 💩 with him. The hesi pull-up jimbo was smooth.
by someoneclose July 10, 2017
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Jimbo is overall awesome kid, they are not liked by everyone yet they remain highly popular. a Jimbo can come off extremely over confident or "smug" but remember every one can be. some mistake Jimbos with faggots but they are just envious of Jimbos. If you should ever become friends with a Jimbo consider yourself very lucky. Their friendship will last you a lifetime.
Jimbo- hey how are you?
Boy#1- a little bummed
Jimbo- that sucks lets go to starbucks to brighten your day
Boy#1- Thanks!
by strongbad911 February 21, 2010
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