61 definitions by herbie

excessively drunk. Usually used by a college crowd or a fraternity
dude Im fuckin stoked for the party tonight man we're gonna get fuckin TANKED!!"
( Push...crash )
by herbie January 22, 2004
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Australian, n, the country, the forest, the outback, rural areas of australia.
naw mate, he went walk about, he in the bush somewhere.
by herbie August 25, 2004
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Australian, N.Z. ; n
wellington boots; galoshes; overshoes; gumboots.
grab yer wellies mate its pissin down rain.
by herbie August 17, 2004
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A piece of foreign matter trapped in a woman's vagina continually being coated an recoated with various natural an man made substances
I pulled out after blowing my load, to find a box pearl stuck under my foreskin
by herbie April 20, 2019
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Adj, holding nothing back. intense, relentless.
no way mate, that was so full on its doing my head in.
by herbie August 25, 2004
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Poo piping
Poo piping is the art of using icing bag nozzles wedged in ya butt hole to create pattens, and do fancy writing using ya poo
by herbie August 4, 2022
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damn foo...you got took."
by herbie February 1, 2004
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