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A derogatory term used to refer to people under the age of 18 as not being able to do the same things that a person over the age of 18 could do. It is used mostly in countries that do not have smart enough people in them to realize that nothing changes when a person turns 18 (such as America).
Minor: Why can I not do the same things that you can do?
Adult: Because you need extreme protection because you are not a human being yet.
Minor: But why am I not a human being yet?
Adult: Umm, hey look over there a flying dog! *Adult runs*
by Justingraziano July 18, 2008
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London Slang:

1) A word used to describre something as not being very important.

2) Disregarding something somebody has said.
" That girl has got a big ass"

"Minor, my girlfriend's is bigger"
by topmajorj September 04, 2009
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1: One who is under the age of eighteen. the government put this into place to hopefully stop teenage pregnancy, teenage drinking, and to stop people over the age of 18 from being with the so-called "minor" even if it is consensual to both parties.

2: small; smaller. Not as important.
1: "Dude, that is so fucked up! I've been going with this guy for three years then he turns 18 four months ahead of me, and the police arrested him. that is so fecking stupid!"

2: "I'm majoring in law and minoring in child development at university. what are yours?"
by cat June 22, 2004
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The United States newest derogatory word. Next to faggot (and previously nigger) minor is the United States most popular way to discriminate against people. When gays eventually get full rights and the word faggot becomes unused, minor will be the only derogatory word, but, more then likely, the United States will find someone new to discriminate against. Possibly Jews?
The Land of the FREE*

19??-NOW | Freedom applies to those over 18, no minors
19??-NOW | Freedom applies to straights, no faggots
1700-1863 | freedom applies to whites, no niggers
by God Hates Fags? No. Minors. November 20, 2008
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adj. Smaller or less by comparison.
Minor leagues are less important than major leagues.
by Downstrike May 23, 2004
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