if someone messes with ya and there nothing..there minor...nothing to worry about
" he sed he was guna fcuk me up but hes minor nuttin 2 screw ova!"
by sarah February 22, 2005
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not a big deal, something you shouldn't worry about; commonly used by surfers
-sorry i fucked your sister bro
*it's minors dude
by surferdude July 25, 2004
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A rude thing to call someone under 18.

Calling someone a minor can be seen as offensive, or just plain rude. It can make you seem like a jerk or a douche if you're calling someone a "minor" if your conversation has nothing to do with the law. In a way, it could be verybelittling to them.

Minority - smaller number. Like, a religion.

Minor - a key or note. There are major and minor versions of a song.
First example, legal: "you were caught selling alcohol to a minor."
Douchy example: "bruh. You're a minor."

Minority: "yeah, my religion is a minority."

Minor: "well, let's see how this song sounds in minor key!"
by 11GrEaSy11 January 10, 2020
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a stupid term dreamt up by the government to curb the teenage pregnancy rate, and to stop me going into clubs.
Gary Glitter- how do u plead on the accusation of sex with a minor?
by Cat January 27, 2004
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shitty legislation law that makes you less relevant based on how low your age is under 21 or 18
Minor: hi im 13, id really like some booty ;)
Mature: fo kid
Minor: *ragequit*
by PorcupineCanadian August 15, 2015
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1st Guy: 'Dude, your girlfriend just got gang raped!'

2nd Guy: 'Minor, she was a slag anyway.'
by Aviate January 25, 2009
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