A term used by companies to describe people who are not white.
"We're looking to hire people from minority groups!"
"Great, I'm a trans, gay, and disabled person!"
"Are you white?"
"Not applicable."
by Mattjod March 14, 2021
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An ethnic, racial, religious, or other group having a distinctive presence within a society.
A group having little power or representation relative to other groups within a society.
A member of one of these groups.
Or for you narrow-minded idiots who think it is nothing but a song, a Green Day song.
Idiot: OMGZ!!!11111 Mimority is a green day song.
Me: No, it is An ethnic, racial, religious, or other group having a distinctive presence within a society, you idiot.
by Cheyenne. Yup. June 10, 2005
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Of or relating to Hispanics and Blacks, esp in the media. Many times use of the word "minority" will exclude Asians; when in reference to university populations esp in California Asians will often be referred to as "minority-majority."
Minority test scores are continually falling.
by MofoMcCheese October 30, 2010
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The collective noun for a gathering of Glasgow Rangers supporters/Huns.
Press releases states: A minority of rangers fans sung the banned sectarian anthem the billy boys at Ibrox on Sunday.

What this actually means: The huns were caught singing sectarian songs and we're trying to limit the damage by saying it was only a few bigots that were singing this; when really it was nearly the entire stadium.
by bfdch May 3, 2011
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Anyone who isn't straight, white, christian, or upper-middle class.
College: So tell me about yourself.
Person: Oh, well I enjoy art, engineering, etc. And I'm also homosexual and I'm a middle-lower class citizen.
College: Oh...I'm sorry, we aren't looking for applications...starting now.
Person: Wait what?!
College: Yeah we just prefer....not the minority.
Person: Bitch I paid a whole fucking $150 dollars for this interview.
by Lesbiab April 8, 2018
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an awesome song by Green Day (which somehow manages to fit in an harmonica part)
i want to be the minority
i dont need your authority
down with the moral majority
'cause i want to be the minority
by T masta H May 13, 2005
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