An Apple device running iOS that is not jailbroken and can't run 3rd part programs.
guy: I've just updated my iPhone and now I can't run my games! It's jailed again!
by Svperstar December 5, 2010
A synonym of hell nah, no way or let's not. Usually used for cringy people/things/memories.
"I just found a picture of myself with bangs!" "JAIL"
by segsyqueenloaf November 2, 2020
I have to go to Jail for five days a week.
by Satanist November 8, 2003
An expression. Usually used when something is mildly offensive or “savage
Used as a laughing reaction
Bruh jail! That’s too much
by Jmur October 14, 2020
1.A place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention, especially persons awaiting trial under local jurisdiction.

2.Detention in a jail
jail sucks
by ac February 24, 2004
A government owned facility that claims to either correct or teach wronged or uneducated individuals but in reality is a front that generates income for the state.
County Jail, State Prison, High school, College
by bobfredjim January 23, 2009
"after the shake down, the guards took him to jail"
by x July 27, 2003