A guy unlike the rest. He often comes off strong and fearless which sometimes pushes people away but if you really get to know Zack, you will soon learn that he has the softest, most genuine heart you will ever find. Someone you can truly get to know for who he is and who you can consistently confide in. He listens with an open heart and will always give you his honest opinion. He has big dreams and with these dreams comes the determination of a lion, a trait everyone admires. He puts 100% of his heart and soul into everything he does and holds faith close to his heart which provides him strength and guidance. He is very handsome, although he often doesn't take notice of this, nor does it matter to him. He loves to joke around and push your buttons but his heart is always in the right place. He keeps the ones he loves closest to his heart, and never looses sight of what is truly important in life. If you know someone like Zack, don't let them go.
by thestudherself May 11, 2012
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Zack, the guy you'll love with no regrets. He is sweet, kind, caring, funny, in general a perfect guy. Once you start talking to him you will be addicted to the said guy. He will make you feel like you're in heaven. Give you the love you deserve, the affections, everything. He is wise and has got some really good advice. Along with that he is also a good listener. If you happen to be really close with him and he loves you, then he'll cherish you and will always prove it to you in simple words and actions, but meaningful. If you happen to be the person he has fallen for then you're really lucky, because Zack is the best boyfriend. Overall Zack is a treasure to you.
person 1 : "Hey who's that guy?"
person 2 : "That's Zack, the treasure of this school."
by Rumina March 26, 2019
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Just a plain boi who will constantly drag on your mom
by GetGnomedBTW June 11, 2019
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A guy with a huge massive cock that that leave a girl in a wheal chair the next day.
Girl 1: what did you do yesterday.

Girl 2: yeah I was with Zack last night it was great.

Girl 1: then why are in a wheal chair?

Girl 2: me and Zack had some fun.
by That one dude named zack April 19, 2017
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It's my first name, and all of us think we're an idiot, which everyone disagrees with. Some are skaters, some are preps, and losers. People say we're "hawt" and adorable while we honestly do not care if you say it or not, and we usually get friend-zoned by every single girl we like, and then all the others like us, which we hate. Really though, don't mess with us Zack's.
"I'm going to create my own definition of my name on Urbandictionary.com, said no Zack ever."
by I'mABigSloth May 6, 2013
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zacks gf: i love zack but hes a bitch
by gzibcovidlol March 23, 2020
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An amazing guy, he is very funny and very handsome. When you meet him, you won't regret meeting him at all. Very interesting, intelligent, and sweet. Of course like everyone he has his up and downs, but overall he is very forgiving and usually never mean to anyone. He loves animals. He is a great boyfriend and compliments me usually everyday even when i don't deserve it:') I'm so lucky to have him as my boyfriend and i worry that so many other girls think he's wonderful, aswell. I love him so much:)
"Zack called me beautiful the other day even though we argued, he is such a great guy."
by nonamedgirl April 18, 2013
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