As defined in 'The guide book for Marines" 18 revised edition:

The M16A2 rifle is a 5.56X45mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated, air-cooled, shoulder-fired weapon. It is designed for either semiautomatic or three-round burst-control fire through the use of a selector lever. The barrel is surrounded by two aluminum lined fiberglass hand guards which are notched to permit air to circulate around the barrel and further serve to protect the gas tube. A super nylon butt plate is attached to the rear of the stock to partially reduce the effects of recoil. A forward assist assembly located on the right rear of the upper reciever permits manual locking of the bolt when this is not done by the force of the action spring. A spring-loaded rataining pin can be depressed with the nose of a cartridge to allow the trigger guard to be rotated down against the pistol grip to permit the firer ready access to the trigger when wearing gloves. A dust cover is provided to prevent dirt and sand from getting into the rifle through the ejection port. The dust cover should be kept closed at all times when the rifle is not being fired. It is opened automatically by the forward or rearward movment of the bolt carrier.

General data:
weight without magazine: 7.78 lbs
with 32 rd mag fully loaded: 8.79 lbs
length overall with flash compensator 21 inches.
standard ammunition includes ball, tracer and blank
The M16 has been in the US Armed Forces' service longer than any other previous rifle.
by C/SgtMaj January 05, 2006
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The standard issue military assault rifle, fires 5.56 X 45mm round (.223) about 39 inches overall length, big brother to the M4A1. There are 4 different variations of the M16. M16A1(AKA VN), M16A2, M16A3, and M16A4(with removable carrying handle for optics)
In the Vietnam War, the congs were shot by mostly M16s
by T3hpwnerer December 09, 2007
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The most reliable assault rifle in the world.

Just kiddin' xD.
Darn... It jammed again... Friggin M16...
by Anonymous Tard December 08, 2008
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fucking pwns with red dot sight in Cod4.
Dude! M16 almost always kills in one burst!!!
by KoolKarlen July 19, 2009
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A weapon given to rednecks by the US government to shoot at random muslims in iraq
"Hey Cletus hand me my M16 this bitch is wearing a veil"
by fandango8 April 23, 2007
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An individual in either Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 who only uses the M16A4, in essence whoring themselves out. Typically, this weapon is used in conjunction with stopping power, capitalizing on the amount of whoreness they display. When encountered and killed, it is customary to teabag their body while saying "ja-bar-bar" in a Soulja Boy fashion.
"Hey, Page, watch me teabag this M16-Whore. Oh yeah, I bet he loves my nuts in his mouth."
by GMANinGA November 15, 2009
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