7 definitions by KoolKarlen

OMFG!!!! That guy just got pwned by that sticky that landed on his face.
by KoolKarlen July 20, 2009
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word to describe something that is cute, adorable, and overall makes you feel good in the inside. Often used sarcastically

a term often used on the web show the "Young Turks" by host Cenk Ugyur and Ana Kasparian.
Person 1- Hey Person 2, look over there, a fluffy bunny!
Person 2- schmoopie papoopie !!!!
by KoolKarlen January 28, 2010
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fucking pwns with red dot sight in Cod4.
Dude! M16 almost always kills in one burst!!!
by KoolKarlen July 20, 2009
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Acronym meaning "For the Three"
Referring to a Three Point shot in Basketball.
by KoolKarlen June 18, 2009
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A dual-wieldable gun in Halo 3.
Shoots spikes, hence the name.
zomg, that dude over there is dual-wielding spikers and camping in sword room. DO NOT GO OVER THERE.
by KoolKarlen July 20, 2009
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The glowing blue orb power-up in the Halo series.
When you pick it up, for a limited time, you become invisible.
When you fire, while in active camo mode, your invisbility will temporarily go away, only to come back after a few seconds of not shooting.
OMFG. That homo keeps getting the fucking active camo, and assasinating me !!!!!
*breaks controller in half*
by KoolKarlen July 21, 2009
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The fucking gayest gun in the Halo series.
Shoots pussy ass green blobs.
99% percent of people who use the plasma pistol are noobs, especially when using noob combo, or dual wielding it with a SMG or Spiker (Halo 3).
by KoolKarlen July 20, 2009
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