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The age at which an American can drive a car and get a job, but still can't vote.
You can get a job and pay taxes at 16, but you still can't vote. That's taxation without representation.
by blenheimears March 15, 2009
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A totally rad game that is played by hundreds of thousands of people competitivly or just for fun.
Dude: Hey wanna play some 1.6?

Dude 2: Your on.. n00b =D

Dude: Ahh
by Bob Lee lol May 04, 2007
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A girl who you are not sure if you would hook up with or not. Derived from the game blackjack, when a player has a hand of 16 they are not sure whether or not to hit it.
This girl from the party the was all over my nuts but she was a 16, I can't decide if I wanna tap that or not!
by MistahBradshaw August 30, 2010
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An age in a person's life when they can start driving, get a driver's license, also commonly use "sweet sixteen"
I've having a sweet 16 birthday party today!
by SakuraSaku June 28, 2007
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(n.) in rap, one verse or "sixteen" lines
Drop that 16 for us.


He had the hottest sixteen on Track 2.
by Shizz August 09, 2004
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16 is not to be confused with 15 or even 17. Its the age when you are able to drive and earn your independence!
If you are 16 you are pretty much an adult, which means YOU ROCK!
Now that I'm 16 years old, Im not late to school and practice any more!
by Darothy June 18, 2008
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