This is the soulmate number. Also closely related to inseparable bonds of love, this number allows the two people to be forever united after their first meeting.
Girl 1: Bro idk what happened but ever since I met Brad, I can't stop hearing and seeing the number 16.
Gril 2: He's probably your soulmate if you keep seeing the number 16.
by 151703 April 10, 2021
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sometimes used in rap songs
16th letter of the alphabet, which is P
obviously a P means a Pimp
pimptobi- “I’m a real 16, bitch I can’t wife no hoe
by khromecasse October 1, 2020
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Bandman: “That nigga a stone down 16. He send hella bitches and checked chicken out my nigga sister.”
by pbbandman October 12, 2020
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(n.) in rap, one verse or "sixteen" lines
Drop that 16 for us.


He had the hottest sixteen on Track 2.
by Shizz August 10, 2004
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16 is not to be confused with 15 or even 17. Its the age when you are able to drive and earn your independence!
If you are 16 you are pretty much an adult, which means YOU ROCK!
Now that I'm 16 years old, Im not late to school and practice any more!
by Darothy June 19, 2008
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I need you sometimes

I miss you some nights

And I would do whatever you wanted

We don't have to leave the apartment
by 051818>0702 January 25, 2022
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The age you have to be in germany and america to drive cars.
The age to get your driving license is 16 in germany.
by idontfuckingcaredcfi January 30, 2018
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