British term for having a criminal record.
That bloke, Bill, looks like a hard bastard. He got any previous?

Plenty, armed robbery for starters.
by Shuaman October 14, 2018
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Overly hasty in acting or drawing a conclusion. Mainly British usage.
I said 'have a line,' not 'do up the whole gram.'

Yeah, I got a little previous on that one.
by Shuaman October 11, 2018
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Used to describe when someone says something that is no good or to describe something that is no good, or wack.
Dan: Yo son idk if I'm going to practice tomorrow night, I'm kinda sore from the weekend.
Mike: Man that's some previous level shit, you haven't been to practice in a month.
by MTAallday aka Abs December 1, 2010
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When the person who lived in your apartment before you moved in keeps the key then comes back shortly after you move in and steals small items of seemingly little consequence such as a pair of socks, camera memory card, package of hotdogs, or a pocket knife when plenty of things of much greater value are lying around. They may also leave a telltale sign that something is amiss such as leaving the light switch on, but turning the lamp off.
Aaron: Hey, Emily, were you in my room at all today?
Emily: Nope, why?
Aaron: Cuz someone turned off my lamp, but not the light and my camera memory cards are missing.
Emily: Darn previous tenant mischief
by they call me fluffy March 21, 2010
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the advantage of playing the previous video game in a series, giving you an edge in the sequel over other players that are new to the series.
BC2 was awesome because anybody who had ever played a battlefield game before pwned everybody who hadn't. I had a previous game advantage.
by idon'thaveapseudonym July 27, 2010
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Client: Can you meet tomorrow at 10 to discuss the project.

Me: Per my previous email, I am not available tomorrow.
by KBomb February 14, 2018
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