Noun-Eugene Stohner's pride n' joy... the M16A2 is a later version of the M16A1, the M16A2 is slighty more reliable than the A1, another notable difference is the firing modes... A1 goes on full-auto, while the A2 is limited to 3-round-burst, this is because in the Vietnam conflict soldier's would needlessly waste thousands of rounds, because of the thought that Charlie may be hiding anywhere... and the ratio of rounds to kills was about 1,000 rounds for one kill.
That M16A2 is a Colt!
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one of the best standard issue assualt rifle in world... you just need to keep it clean.
The M16A2 ownz that ugly AK74SU!
by Dean August 5, 2003
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The most widely known rifle in the world(next to the Kalashnikov AK47), the M16A2 is not fully automatic, but fires in three round bursts that are perfect for clearing rooms or long range attacks.
The M16A2 is comparable to the Kalashnikov AK74su.
by Detranova July 29, 2003
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A good weapon system, but a weak round. Doesn't have enough stopping power due to the small projectile.
The M16A2 fires a round .003 bigger than the .22 LR
by Cpl Craven January 27, 2006
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