whilst darning my socks i darn well pricked my finger
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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A child-friendly version of the word damn, created by a bunch of retards at the Catholic Church, due to the word's religious significance, but is now ridiculous to teach in our growing liberal society, and because it has the exact same damn meaning as damn.
6 year old boy: Dammit! I hate my life! I hate my damn school! I hate my damn parents! I hate my damn brother! I hate that we're damn poor! I just wanna kill myself, damnit!

Mom: (gasp) You can't say damn! That's a bad word! Say darn instead.

6 year old boy: That sounds stupid! I wanna say damn!

Mom: If you say damn anymore, God is going to send you to hell when you die!

6 year old boy: Oh, okay, I'll say darnit instead.
by LiberatorFromOurselves May 8, 2009
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What the darn is that?

Dude, I have to go take a huge darn.
by TheDoodstah June 11, 2008
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The dumbass way to say DAMN cause whoever says it is too stupid to use the real word!

God DARN it!
by iBOAi May 9, 2003
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When you get really mad and you’re a good christian so you don’t want to have profane language.
(Someone steals yo girl) “Oh Darn Darn! I hope no one steals my girl again!”
by ilovenumbers161772 May 27, 2018
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