a non-swear-word replacement for "fucking"
Probably arose from several sources, and I expect at least one was inspiration from England's very own Muhammed Al Fayed, who says "fug" and "fugging" alot, instead of the actual swearwords
Person 1 (sees grandma approaching):Friggin hell, Bush got the presidency AGAIN!
Person 2:Dude, why didn't you just say fucking hell?
Grandma:*frowns at person 2*
by b0Bz0r3llo March 22, 2005
A word meaning to masturbate if you are a female of the species
" I love to watch her Friggin "
by John Gaskell June 6, 2004
From the U.K.- To finger fuck your partner.
She was well lubed from my friggin.
by Pygmon October 29, 2003
Used as a direct replacement for "fuckin'". Used primarilly for pussys who don't wish to be beaten by parents, teachers, or religious leaders for curseing in public.
Mom: Hello Tommy, How was school?
Tom: It was fucken...
Mom: What was that?!?
Tom: I meant it was friggin...
Beatings follow
by Me bitch! August 15, 2003
a word used by teenagers when around thier parents, to still appear cool yet not get ground, used in place of the "F" word (OH NOES!!!)
by Dack9 March 14, 2005