Goin in was riskey but once Jim saw the turn he knew he had a flush.
by PappyJEsquire February 25, 2004
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Persuade or inspire an individual or group to reneg on their commitment to an original purpose in favor of a counterpurpose. Formerly used in conjunction with loyalty to one's country or political party/spying (i.e. 'turncoat'), it has come to be used more often with a misunderstanding of homosexuality (i.e. 'turn gay'), or disloyalty to affiliates in an illegal enterprise (drugs, organized crime, white collar crime).
"Travis Fimmel is so pretty, he could turn Hugh Hefner." / "Madonna wasn't really lesbian, but Sandra Bernhard did her best to turn her."

"Once vice got the bag man to turn, they finally had enough evidence to put away the head of the crime ring."
by J T July 30, 2006
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a shorten form of the word turnabout
Is she going with Jake to turn?
Yeah she just asked him today
by T Bella February 22, 2009
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Jade: Have you seen the Rick Ross' sex tape?

Jay: Uhh yeahh...turn!
by Jade & Jay October 17, 2010
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pronounce: tern
a college dance. everyone is pissed on funk within an hour of arrival. very messy. not a real turn without at least one person spewing.
fucking awsome turn last night. i dont remember past 10.30 though.
by baz November 2, 2003
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drink alcoholic beverages /drinking alcoholic beverages, for the purpose of intoxication; get drunk/the process of getting drunk (From "Turning one's glass/can up ;To raise a glass/can in drink
"God, I made a FOOL out of myself last night and trashed the Camaro, but , what the hell, I was turning, so, it was fun...I think..."
by BIGFOOT October 25, 2003
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