The act of driving your car into a stationary object, such as a rock.
I was backing out of my driveway and I littsed it up.

I realled littsed it up dude.

I littsed it something awful.
by Mattayooo January 13, 2011
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Associate of other musical peopple, usually untalented rejects. This person is the only good one in the band and shows favortism towards the lead singer. Litts can play very good music.
Guy 1= Litt was jaming last night
Guy 2= Everybody was doing well other than the lead singer
by rockhard6969 July 26, 2011
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refers to a person (usually female) who likes to shit. This person, the "litt", enjoys the feeling of taking a shit.
by a_n_o_n_y_m_o_u_s September 01, 2006
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1. the process or action in which a person's brain rapidly develops a complete understanding of any particular subject(s) and(or) skills in any field, instantaneously, usually while in a conversation about said subject(s) and(or) skill(s).

2. to increase one's IQ score rapidly.
After going through Litt, I no longer need a tutor for Math.. I can figure it out, on my own, quickly and easily.

My IQ increased to 175 after experiencing a Litt moment in college.
by Mister Dill Doe September 19, 2016
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