All people whose existence the speaker deigns to acknowledge. Generally limited to those with similar interests and vocabulary.
Everybody knows that Super Metroid is the greatest game ever made. (everybody = video gamers who have played Super Metroid, whose favorite genre is the adventure-platformer)

Everybody lost money in the dotcom bust. (everybody = investors in the dotcom bubble)
by Logical Dash February 09, 2006
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She/he can’t be in a relationship because they talk to everyone and they been around
Bruhh you seen Aliciana today she kissed 5 different niggas this weak
I know bruh she for everybody
by Expiredprecum April 26, 2018
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I loved how my hand found its perfect case in yours when we were in some dense wood outside Bergama and i was kneeling because i had to puke so bad after lunch in a dodgy bistro. While i was gagging sweating tasting my own vomit crying, i was so aware of your tender fingers securing their grip. I could neither look at you nor tell you how much it meant. This little gesture. You can be such a sweet person.
we are sensitive, fragile, self-centered people sometimes, forgetting that there's worse in the world than our offended little souls, adversities so scandalous and heart-breaking, they make our issues look small and our so-called hardships void.
Why can't we be a little lighter, a little more in tune with everybody, a little less tight
by Ixtinct October 01, 2019
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the definition means that everyone dies due to human nature but not everyone has the chance to live their life to the fulliest
John: can u believe it paul's denying the invatation to the nba draft
allen: i feel bad for him i guess everybody dies but not everybody lives
by mafia 3.6 March 05, 2011
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