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Crew, posse, gang: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity. The term is a bit flashy and is more likely to be heard in hip-hop lyrics than in spoken conversation.
You step to me, and my whole squad will come down on you.
by Greenie March 24, 2004
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A word overused by teenagers that think they're ghetto to describe their clique of friends. Usaully screamed in the hallways at highschool or used as a hashtag in Facebook and Instagram posts.
"Went to get some frozen yogurt with the squad."
"Squad at this table"
"Had a sleepover with Brett and Luke #squad"
by Takarada October 16, 2014
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A dumb word only used by white middle schoolers in suburban areas to describe their group of friends and try to sound ghetto. It doesnt make them sound ghetto, but actually increases their whiteness. You can spot them in a crowd because they will most likely be yelling "fuck bitches get money" and "squad" down the hallways.

"From our squad to yours"
by thewhitehouse January 18, 2015
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niggas you roll with, make money with, niggas you die for.
The niggas you hang with and trust to watch your back

J: why you always roll with them niggas ?
you: nigga watch your fuckin mouth this is my squad.
by ceaser November 28, 2005
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