From the film school of rock, one of the characters says that he is "not cool enough to be in the band"
This is used in the context that to be in the band is to be in with a group of cool people.
1:Hey have you seen John in collage today?
2:Yer he was over there with all those indies
1:Obviously were not cool enough to be in the band with him.
2:I know, lets go solo.
by Bobby Cook September 26, 2006
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For about six years, from 1968 through 1975, the Band was one of the most popular and influential rock groups in the world, their music embraced by critics (and, to a somewhat lesser degree, the public) as seriously as the music of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Their albums were analyzed and reviewed as intensely as any records by their one-time employer and sometime mentor Bob Dylan. And for a long time, their personalities were as recognizable individually to the casual music public as the members of the Beatles.
by Professor Groove March 15, 2005
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$1000.00 U.S. Currency.
Bands=$1000.00 x A (A= number of bands)
Whip cost Bands, Clothes cause Bands...

Dawg i went to the mall and dropped 2 bands out dat hoe...
by Marky McFly December 17, 2008
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Banding is when you hang out with someone and make music together, eventually forming a sort of band. It is a combination of "bonding" and "band."
"Hey, come over and hang with me! Bring and instrument."
"Yeah totally!"
*hanging out, making music*
*two weeks later after a few banding sessions, band is created*
now you have two best buddies who make music.
by beitak January 21, 2012
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A group of people who come together to play music. Often comes in two forms in popular usage:

1. A high school band. These tend to be tight-knit groups of kids who all either love or hate what they do. Their shows tend to show great musical skill and/or choreography.

2. A rock band. These tend to be tight-knit groups of people who all either love their music or the money they earn from it. Their shows are either dull or explosive.
The band is playing at 4:30 at the football game, and then Bill is playing with his band at 8:00 after the game.
by Domukaz May 26, 2005
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