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What you tell someone when they have successfully completed a task. If you have a puzzle you are trying to put together, and you finally finish it, you may be told to figure it out.
I had just solved the problem when Lil' Tone jumped in and said 'figure it out'!
by compact asian June 23, 2004
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Used commonly by Marx. When someone does not know what to do or is just to lazy to read directions he is told to "FIGURE IT OUT!" It had become widely used amongst the young folk as well now a days. Through the halls you can hear FIGURE IT OUT. The term also works with the addition of SON at the end of it. To avoid the usage of this phrase, read directions, put forth a little effort to grasp the task ahead of you, and for godsake son FIGURE IT OUT!
1: I don't know what to do.
1: <trys to FIGURE IT OUT>
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To Figure It Out is to FIGURE IT OUT SON! When you don't put forth common sense or just act stupid; you are told by the teacher to FIGURE IT OUT. Then you don't respond and get busy trying to FIGURE IT OUT SON!
Student 1: I Don't know what do do.
Student 1: <tries to figure it out!>
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