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Damn, that trucks rims are lennon!

Where did you learn those lennon dance moves!
by Justin "stix" June 29, 2006
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Lennons are beautiful people both inside and out. Lennons are usually handsome, shy young guys with many hidden talents. Typically, Lennons have exotic green eyes, curly brown hair, a semi-muscular figure, and an average height, giving them no shortage of female attention. Women are also very intrigued by Lennons view on life and the way he serenades with his handmade guitar. Lennons can usually be found trekking the alpines, surfing the gold coast, frolicking in nature, or playing a pick up soccer game. Lennons musical vocabulary is endless so do not try to find a song/band that he does not already know. Ask Lennon a question once in a while to have your mind completely blown and your eyes opened to the fabrics of life itself.
Woah! Those lyrics are seriously deep... Must be written by a Lennon!
by JohnJohn_John June 29, 2016
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Based on the teachings of the former leader of the USSR who went on to found the Beatles with Senator Joe McCarthy. Involves purging and binging, and giving peace and five-year plans a chance. John Vladimir Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Petrovich Juan Valdez Diego de Montoya Lennon (1870-1980)
Lennon pulled his country out of the first world war in order to give peace a chance. McCarthy finished up with communist witch hunts just in time to Join Lennon and Former President Harrison and Special Prosecutor Starr at the Hollywood bowl. The girls were wet and wild when they opened up with "Can't Buy me Love." Historians believe that Beatlemania was a natural extension of Lennonism, which in turn, was a product of the reformation and the Council of Trent.
by Wisk February 5, 2008
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A girl who bring sunshine to a rainy day , always looks out for people . Her faith is OVERWHELMING. The most loving girl you’ll ever meet
Omg I love lennon ,

Because she’s lennon
by 567812 November 10, 2018
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Can be used as a verb (i.e to lennon) or as a noun (i.e runs like a lennon)

To lennon is to run very fast and have great agility whilst running.

Can be used whenever you see something/someone running for comic effect.
James: Look at him lennon!
Greg: He must be late.
by TheQuarry October 21, 2011
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LIDL or aldi, up to you. hes a scot, knows a cole, and... yh thats abt it :)
haha lennon go brr
by UnderscoreEngland October 12, 2020
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