Lennon is the best person you’ll ever meet and the most hottest. Any girl would be lucky to have him and any girl that doesn’t is jealous of the girl who does. He is the funniest boy you’ll ever meet and has a great personality. His best feature is his freackles,Eyelashes,Smile and eyes
Look at that girl who’s with lennon I wish I was her
by User54 October 6, 2018
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The guy in your school that's a potential school shooter. Don't get on his bad side.
Oh someone brought in a gun?
Fucking Lennon
by Ilikepussyonmydick101 February 11, 2020
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Lennon is usually someone smart, loyal and loves try things new, Lennon’s always have ideas people can agree with
I like Lennon
by Loopydrmcdonald August 29, 2018
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Lennon is literally just lemon, probably one of the most dumb people you will meet, but its okay because at least they have poor humor
Lennon is cool, but dumb
by larsnt_ July 9, 2022
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Lennon is the sexiest man ever ... like hes so good looking that he puts chris hemsworth to shame . Hes so so so funny and charming and every gurl should go out with him Especially lennon coates who is like a new breed of good looking and funny .
Lennon is so good looking and everyone should ask him out on snapchat right now 😂
by Lennon coates November 8, 2019
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King of the Hippies!

Someone is a Lennon - he is more than just a hippie, he is behaving like King Of The Hippies!
Winston is so relaxed right now - he is behaving like a Lennon...
by WaZza 007 April 19, 2011
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