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Peace is the most beautifulgirl you know.Her smile lights up a room.You never quite understand why she's so weird but she makes you day.She is someone you trust with anything.She is very talked about and never notices. She can do anything she puts her mind to. She'll be there for you forever.Don't lose her.
U know Peace OMGGG
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1. An acknowledgment of parting, ending a phone call or e-mail, similar to goodbye. Often used with "out."
2. A greeting, similar to hello.
3. An expression of non-violent wishes or intention.
4. Term used to describe sections of anti-war movement.
5. Noun. Used to describe the presence of The absence of violence, disruption, or disturbance.
1. A'ight, see ya. Peace. Peaceout.
2. Peace. Please leave a message...
3. Peace, my friend. Increase the peace. It's time for peace.
4. The peace movement is against (the) war.
5. ... gotta have peace of mind.
by RayJack July 02, 2005
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A brief interlude between wars, during which the prudent study the lessons of the last war and prepare for the next one.
Peace proposals unaccompanied by a sworn covenant indicate a plot.
-Sun Tzu, c. 500 B.C.
by Frank Womble November 06, 2003
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The absence of conflict, usually requiring conflict to establish; a lack of conflict
World War II was required to bring peace to Europe.
by Drew Harrison May 29, 2005
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Peace,"yeah look at her name , who would ever name a child that name?", yes peole might say that and that can hurt Peace but with all the frinds she has she will ALWAYS BE POSITIVE , if you really know Peace she's a princess warrior and will always bring peace and laughter wherever she goes.Peace is a really funny girl who will always try to help you in any way she can.Peace can be sweet talented and really positive and for that boys like her and so do girls(friends).Never get a Peace mad at you(yes Peace will always be a sweet girl)but we are all humans and humans can get angry at you.So don't use her name to create an excuse.Peace is a really rare name so if you know a Peace you should be happy to have her in ur life.Peace is an angel(you will want to call her your "angel").Peace has enemies too(haters)and you might try and make peace with her as a friend again,she will forgive but she will remember what you did but that won't make her fake at you.Peace has always great chances of winning so if you're in her side you will always win.Peace has a secret passion and goal in life(big family,love,dream work, hobby,passion etc... ).Peace will always try and cheer you up and help you , whenevery she can .EVERYBODY SHOULD LOVE PEACE!

Someone :"Did you see what Peace did for her/him after what happened? "
Other someone :"Yes, Peace is such a great person!"β€’
Someone :"Thank you for helping me study!"
Peace:"No problem , always for a friend, anytime I'm available".
Peace = Joy , happiness, love, peaceful, gorgeous, beautiful, positive, talented etc...
by AngelCookie June 11, 2017
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(noun) a word indicating one's imminent departure; (verb) the act of departing, or intending to depart
(noun) See you guys in the morning, I'm gonna go bang some bitches. Peace!
(verb) This party's turned into a sausage fest, I'm gonna peace.
by ToastedBread October 04, 2009
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