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Lennon is a very nice guy , he jokes around a lot but can also steal your chips . Be careful but not too much around lennon
Lennon stole my chips

Lennon doesn't listen to miss khan
by Z_xo May 27, 2020
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(Adj.) One with a large ego and massive about of Xbox skills. One who is a track God.
(Adjective) Hey, you were real Lennon out there son, I’m proud of you.
by Abby Young March 21, 2018
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1) another word for a penis
because girls want the beatle juice.
While in class..

Girl: Let me see the lennon!!
Boy: I can't show you now...just IMAGINE.
by EFIL4SAGGIN July 11, 2008
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Lennon is literally just lemon, probably one of the most dumb people you will meet, but its okay because at least they have poor humor
Lennon is cool, but dumb
by larsnt_ July 9, 2022
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To swap the wingers in the middle of a game, for no reason other than that you’re a tactically limited football manager. Named after Celtic manager Neil Lennon, who does this every fucking time.
Our manager Lennoned it in the last 5 minutes as a final roll of the dice
by Marvin Compper June 1, 2019
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Lennon is a beautiful, kind, caring, and smart girl. She is a very trust~worthy and understanding, you could tell her anything. When you first meet her she's really shy, but as soon as you get to know her she's super outgoing and fun to be around. She can instantly lighten up your day and mood in a matter of seconds. She has beautiful big blue eyes with a hint of innocents in them, if you look into them long enough you might just find yourself falling for her. She doesn't really fall for people that often,but when she does she loves them with everything she has. If you ever hurt her she'll pretend she's okay and hide all her pain behind her breath~taking smile. She'll very rarely get mad at so when she does you really did something wrong. If you ever meet a Lennon, never let her go or give up on such a unique girl like her. She's one of a kind,trust me on that.
boy 1: look at Tracy tonight , she stands out so much.
boy 2: yeah, that's because shes pulling a Lennon. ;)
by Loveylady78 July 1, 2017
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A God. Literally a legend. Not a virgin. Better than everyone else and the king/Prime minster of year 6👌
Everyone saluted Lennon A’s he was the king/ God/ Jesus/ legend.
by God is me 123 October 19, 2019
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