The leader of the legendary rock group the Beatles. Born during a World War ll bombing raid in Liverpool, England. Some of John Lennon's hits include Help, I am the Walrus, and Love Me Do.
A famous quote from John Lennon: " We're more popular than Jesus now."
by PrettierThanYourGF January 2, 2016
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The best musician ever. Period.
Ha, John Lennon is like 50x better then you will ever be!
by BlackhawkGaming November 24, 2016
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I would like to quote jockstrap...someone who posted earlier.

"He's really not that great.
John Lennon, what can be said, he's not that great, given way too much credit."

And I would like to respond with FUCK YOU!!!! LENNON RULES!!!
This post will be deleted in about 2 days because it "sucks"
by Sgt. Pepper March 12, 2005
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John Lennon was not a god. He was an artist. He made it clear to his listeners that he was not god and anyone who believed in worship was stupid for doing so. He was a very talented musician, song writer, singer, producer...ect. He inspired peace and love; however, John was a very violent man in real life. He left his first wife Cynthia Powell for Yoko Ono and many people believe she was the reason the beatles broke up. This is stupid. Although Yoko added tension and may have been a contributer to the break up..nothing lasts forever. It was definately time for John and the rest of the group to move on with their lives. John loved Yoko more than anything and if you can't respect that than you obviously don't respect him.
John Lennon was pretty chill.
by lkhdvgf September 16, 2005
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John Lennon seems to be the beatle that is everyone's least favorite which is understandable. But behind all of that rude and hatefulness was a very sweet, caring, and loving man who was just afraid of showing it because he was titled the tough Beatle. Sure, he might not have showed it too much but John Lennon very much loved his friends and family. He was also a hottie.
John Lennon was actually a very kind, generous man.
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The frontman of the Beatles, brilliant song writer and musical Jesus. Decieved by the succubus Yoko Ono. He is bigger than Jesus and greater than you. Bow down.
John Lennon is greater than you. Go die.
by Pwner February 27, 2005
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