When you love someone a lot and you think of that person a lot their life becomes part of yours. You love them so much that you are connected and you live them.
I love you and I live you; or I love you so much that I live you.
by Joyousfool April 22, 2017
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A phrase now becoming common among teenage couples who are tired of people throwing the phrase "I love you" out when the feeling isnt actually there. I live you is just something to say when you sincerely like a person and want to let them know but at the same time you know you dont really love them. Now couples cant just say that they just said I love you because they wanted to let the other person know they care and just wanted to say something before they hung up the phone.
Girl: I live you baby
guy: I live you too babe
by FreakingPenguinDisasters July 21, 2010
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What your parents say when something shitty happens to you.
Me: dammit I couldn't get in line on time because you guys took too long to get ready.

Parents: sorry honey : '(
Me: now I won't get the brand new Britney Spears MILF edition sex doll!

Parents: you live and you learn !
by Omega_College_Dog December 28, 2016
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someone who has no connection to reality, possible reaction of staying too long at the orient (drug abuse)
hand back your novie to blockbuster - you live in a movie u fucking pothead hippi!
by noyonatanoa December 21, 2003
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when sad white nerds try and rap by using the worst rhymes ever linked such as "gay, say, gay"

if you ever rap like this simply accept the enevitability and kill yourself
your like a firt in a cartoon and you live with racoons.
by ubbey road May 26, 2006
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Usually followed by "done this" "eaten this" "watched some movie" etc. It emphasises that so many people have doen it that it has become part of life. Of course, this is most convincing coming from a short fat woman with greasy hair who looks like she's seen every movie ever, eaten every food possible, yo-yo dieted all the time etc.
You haven't live until you've watched the godfather trilogy.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 22, 2004
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